We can provide the necessary training needed for safe use and maintenance of snow and ice environments. We can organise customized training courses and seminars for our customers internationally. Our companies and educational institutions possesses decades of know-how in snow and ice design and construction.The University of Lapland and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences can organise seminars and learning sessions concerning different aspects of Snow Design.


The University of Lapland is a pliant academic partner focusing on Northern and Arctic issues in the research of art, art education, media and design in cooperation with the experience industry and tourism. The Faculty of Art and Design collaborates actively with small and medium-sized Northern enterprises and other communities via research, development, and innovation projects.




The Lapland University of Applied Sciences includes a complete research, development and testing centre, and they have developed specialised expertise in cold and winter technology. Lapland UAS provides standardized tests and customized solutions to meet the needs of their clients. The strengths their centre of expertise are business-oriented services and development activities, excellent knowledge of the field, and extensive contacts.